Joshpe Mooney Paltzik LLP

Joshpe Mooney Paltzik LLP is a boutique Manhattan law firm that handles a wide array of corporate and litigation matters ranging from commercial and constitutional litigation to whistleblower representation to mergers and acquisitions.


At Joshpe Mooney Paltzik LLP we bring a global perspective to our work, not just as attorneys but as business people. We strive to assist our clients in assessing and managing a variety of risks, including business risk, legal risk, and political risk. We also regularly assist our clients with public relations challenges and believe that a properly constructed media strategy is critical to an optimal legal strategy.


Our law firm is also defined by a distinct culture with which our lawyers identify and is reflected in the matters on which we work. We believe in ethical representation and conduct at all times. We approach our work with exacting attention to detail and thoughtfulness. We don’t lose sight of the big picture. We believe clients come first. And we don’t just view ourselves as your lawyers, but as your counsel.