We see that the economy is changing; and we are changing with it. We realize that traditional legal billing practices will soon be a thing of the past, and we are determined to remain ahead of the curve. That is why we offer other creative billing packages designed to maximize your satisfaction as the client. These include fee-for-service, incentive-based, and deal-specific packages. We know how much anxiety legal fees, particularly the uncertainty of legal fees, can cause, and we pledge to try and reduce that uncertainty.

Not all billing options are right for a particular circumstance, but we attempt to tailor our billing to the specific matter.

Flat Fee

We base fixed fees on the value the service provides to our client and the time, resources and expertise it takes to deliver. This model gives peace of mind to clients seeking certainty as to the costs of a particular transaction or isolated legal issue.

Hourly Fee

For clients who are comfortable with the traditional billing model or are unsure as to the scope of the engagement, we will agree ahead of time to hourly rates for our attorneys and the time increments in which you will be billed. The total cost of the project will be based on the time it takes to complete.

Monthly Fee – Ongoing Counsel

For clients with consistent legal needs who need ongoing counsel, we offer arrangements that are designed to reduce legal fees and add predictability. Our attorneys have a broad range of experience in the many areas of legal counsel that businesses need. By being available to you on a regular basis, we can provide your business with many of the benefits of in-house legal counsel in a cost effective manner. We will work with you to understand your business and develop a long-term relationship so that your company is optimally positioned to handle its legal and compliance issues. Our goal is to help put you and your company in the best possible position to succeed.

Contingency Fee

Not every case is right for a contingency fee but many are. Other matters are conducive to a combination of reduced hourly fee with a partial contingency. If you think your situation might be appropriate for these types of arrangements, simply inquire.

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