Business Diligence

In addition to government affairs and public relations management, Joshpe Strategies offers business consulting with a particular focus on forensic due diligence and business analysis. Our team examines not only legal documents and balance sheets, but, perhaps more importantly, the intangibles that cannot be measured on paper. We all know based on accounting scandals that numbers do not always tell the whole story. Financial statements can be manipulated, and profits can be fabricated. That is why we believe any thorough diligence process must also focus on the people and management in an organization.

Joshpe Strategies LLC is an affiliate of Joshpe Law Group LLP.  Joshpe Strategies LLC is not a law firm, is not a registered lobbyist, and is a separate entity from Joshpe Law Group LLP.  Nothing herein should be construed as or relied upon as legal advice.

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