Financing and Venture Capital

Many successful start-up and growing companies face the proposition of raising capital for company expansion. This financing can come in many stages from the less formal “friends and family” fundraising to the structured world of venture capital funding. In every one of these stages of capital raising, companies and owners have numerous complex issues to navigate including structuring questions, company valuation, and the complex state and federal securities law regimes.

While these financing issues can present an intimidating undertaking for entrepreneurs, it is extremely important that they be handled appropriately. Neglecting to address the relevant legal issues at the outset can result in significant hurdles for later stages of financing and development. Comprehensive planning of financing rounds pays real dividends in the long run.

We counsel companies in all phases of financial development and can help companies traverse the challenges of its capital raising. As entrepreneurs, our attorneys understand both the excitement and anxiety that are a part of growing businesses. We strive to provide the counsel needed so that clients can focus on what is really important: running a business.

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